Anja Perkins Photography

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mothersday is around the corner! Go book your mothersday special today. Just Mommy alone or with the children! It will be lots of fun!! Hope to see you!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Last Saturday I attended a Babyshower that I was also booked for. It was so much fun :) Cute presents, awesome delicious cake and other goodies and nice company.

After the guest left and everything was cleaned up we did a little Family Photoshoot for the dad that is currently deployed to Iraq. The pictures turned out awesome and arent those kids just adorable? And Mommy was just glowing :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

{Ice Cream} & my busy busy week

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Weekend! 
I have been pretty busy last week with worrying about my husbands pay and a potential shutdown {I am so thankful it didnt happen} & running to doctors, ER and dentist with my oldest son. He had a cough, runny nose and running a fever. He was just miserable just laying on the couch watching TV or sleeping. Thank god he is feeling better now but he gave it to my youngest boy too :( So we had to start all over again :-S
So we just have been staying at home and relax with one of my addictions :)

Before I moved to California I never had this kind of ice cream before and now I am hooked! If I could I would eat a whole cup at once. It sure is addicting :)

I hope that everyone has a good start of the next week and hope to see ya soon... oh and before I forget!!
I decided that I will have a giveaway this month!! So watch out for the next Blog!