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Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I want to give away 3 prices to 3 lucky winners! All you need to do is follow my blog and post a comment under this blog and tell me WHY I should pick you. Why do you need those pictures done. The winner that I think has the best reason can win...

1. Prize - A photo shoot for $50 (includes the DVD and a 8x10 print in metallic paper)
2. Prize - A photo shoot for $75 (includes the DVD and a 8x10 print in metallic paper)
3. Prize - A photo shoot for $100 (includes the DVD and a 8x10 print in metallic paper)

(normal photo shoot price is $150)

All winners have to put in a deposit of $50 within 24 hrs or the prize goes to the next person. This is only for a single portrait session.
Contest ends August 25th at 10pm
Now I wish everyone good luck and comment on here why it should be you!

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  1. I want the photo shoot because my husband and I are newlyweds and we didnt have the chance to take engagement pictures so now I want some for our 6 month

  2. Not only do I want this photoshoot, I need it. My baby girl was born on May 8th and we haven't been able to get the money together to get her pictures taken. Money has been a bit tight and this may be the only opportunity for us to get professional pictures done while she is this small.

  3. I should win because I'm the best marketing chick you'll ever find out :O) just kidding

    I should win because your son is in love with my daughter hahaha just kidding again

    Since I still have my $50 gift card from the last contest I won't play this time but I do love the idea of this one ;O) good luck to everyone!

  4. I really want to win this because my husband is deploying in June and we will be splitting up as a family in January because I have to start school...I want to get these pictures done with our 1 yr old twins so they have pictures to look at while he is gone

  5. I would love to win my son will be 2 in october and we are expecting baby number 4 December 4th and we haven't had a family picture done in 4 years :)

  6. I would love to win because my husband is leaving for a year to Korea in December which is also our daughters 2nd birthday. We have had a rough year, and with him being gone this coming year will amke it a little harder on me. Between specialist for our daughter c.p. an everything. We havent had a family picture done ever an been married for 2 years. Would love to have them done before he leaves.

  7. In 2006  Before my husbands  3rd deployment overseas, he took a vow to commit the rest of his life with me a my 5 year old daughter. This was a quick ceremony at our local courthouse. Not only did I not have a wedding dress, family, or friends of my own that day; but I was also lacking a photographer for such an important day in my life. On top of that, my husbands  friend that was equipped with a camera captured me at my worst. Needless to say, I have no photo from that day that I'm proud to share.
    Years later, here we are with a 19 month old child added to our family and still not one family portrait. Then on June 30th (our 5 year anniversary), the only thing I asked for was to get family portraits. I still have yet to see any. Rather then feel cheated out from my anniversary gift, I feel this is the least I can do to lessen this financial burden for our family. So Mrs. Perkins, This is why I so desperately need to be chosen as the winner in your contest.

  8. Why u should pick me!!! To make a long story a little short...My husband and me are married for almost 7 Years, our Anniversary is coming up next month, we have a 7 year old son and a 20 month old Baby-boy and since our little one was born we did not had the chance to take any Family pictures, so we only have one picture with all four of us on it, that we took on our own on his 1st Birthday!!! So now after 14 Years in the Army, we are medically retiring and our Family will be seperated for a while, because my husband has to be somewhere else because of his new Job :0( ...if we would win this Contest, it at least would give us a Chance to take some beautiful Family pictures, that my husband could sit on his desk, while being away from us and i would love to finally send some Family pictures overseas to my German Family...they only been asking me for some for the last 20 month, since the Baby was born ;o)

  9. I would like to win because your pictures rock! I love how you can capture a moment of time in your photos. The more moments you can capture of your childrens lives, the more memories to reflect on later. I would love some beautiful pictures of my children.